Melanie Durrant - New Single "GONE" (Video)

Check out Melanie Durrant's video for her new single "GONE". Beautifully captured and directed by both Melanie Durrant and Slakah the Beatchild, we are instantly lured into the sultry world of sequined gowns, smoky dressing rooms and Vegas Showgirls.  This song is cool, sexy, sassy and catchy. At first listen, you'll agree that it more than qualifies as the next 007 theme song. With lyrics like:

"May bring you flowers time to time / but not before I get mine"


"Let's face it / You're basic / I'm the main chick, master of this ship"


"And if you think he loves you're so wrong / He only wants you when I'm Gone"

you are quickly introduced to a modern day voice who isn't afraid to put you in your place and tell it like it is. Melanie Durrant is a brilliant songstress who continues to put out the type of music you actually want to hear.  Alongside two amazing dancers Latoya Robinson and Jasmyn Fyffe and choreographed by the one and only Tazz, I had a great time working on this project, surrounded by immense talent, beauty and enough jokes:)  View the video below as well as a few behind the scene pics.  Love you, your family and the crew Melanie, can't wait to do this again:)

I'M GONE!!!!

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