There are times in your life when you will be positive, ambitious, driven and there will be other times when you will be filled with self doubt and fear. Being an artist takes you on a constant rollercoaster of emotions and you are forced to develop a tough skin. Your support system plays a huge role in your life. Focus on uplifting each other. I have been 'saved' many times by my amazing circle of family and friends and I'm forever thankful to each and every one of them that have ever poured insight, love and wisdom into me. So to anyone that feels defeated, lost, confused and doesn't feel like their getting anywhere, here are a few words of encouragement that will hopefully allow you to see and trust that with hard work and determination, you will get out of this rut and attain your purpose. (Written specifically for my friend who is an artist but can be applied to anyone): "Listen we chose one of, if not, THE toughest career choice out there. We are forced to self motivate and face rejection everyday. Despite it all remember this...God created every single one of us and instilled specific gifts/skill sets inside of us. We already have what it takes to fulfill his purpose. When we doubt, question, get confused...that is not of God. Those are the obstacles set on our path to remind us that we are still part of this destructive world. Stand still, have faith and know who you are in him."

- "There is always light at the end of the tunnel but you still have to walk towards the light."                                           Sagine