2015 You Were Good To Me - Looking Forward To 2016!!!

2015 taught me a lot about patience, determination, discernment and faith.  From how it started, to how it ended, I can only look up in amazement and smile. The ride is definitely not easy and there's still so much to do but I feel like I'm walking in my destiny and I'm extremely grateful. Listening to that voice that kept repeating "Don't give up", has paid off.  From being the face of Haiti for the 2015 PanAm Games, to commercials, Principal roles and my first Reccuring Lead role in an upcoming television series. I'm thankful and appreciative of the opportunities that have allowed me to truly start living out my dreams.

This career choice doesn't come with a blueprint and often toys with your emotions. It loves to try to convince you that you are not worthy or good enough to reach your dreams. Then life joins in to throw obstacles and road blocks to test and challenge your wants. You find yourself in constant battle with your thoughts while fear and doubt quickly become your close friends. DON'T GIVE IN!

In 2016 have the courage to believe in yourself fully, go after your dreams wholeheartedly and choose your friends wisely. Give birth to that creative side you've kept stored away for so long in fear of rejection or ridicule. Don't fear the work, instead allow it to propel you into your next level.